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Texas Longhorns Defense: YPPA Dominance

Texas is currently #1 in total defense.

That's amazing in its own right. What's even more impressive is the Horns' abject utter dominance in yards per play allowed. Texas is #1 on that measure as well, yielding only 3.53 YPPA. Alabama is second-best at 3.89 YPPA. The difference between #1 Texas and #2 Alabama (0.46 YPPA) is roughly equal to the difference between #2 Bama and #10 Clemson (0.49 YPPA).

Will Muschamp is worth every bit of his salary. Somehow, he managed to lose Brian Orakpo and Roy Miller to graduation and yet improve this defense from somewhere in the Top 50 range to #1 with a bullet. I am simply awestruck.