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Mack Brown's First 150 Games

Just a few quick notes about Mack's first 150 games at Texas, including comparisons to Royal at the same stage:

  1. We've won 124 of Mack's 150 games. In order to get to 124 wins moving back in time before Mack got here, you would need 204 games.
  2. Darrell Royal was 120-30 in his first 150 games. Of course back then that took one game shy of 15 seasons to reach versus Mack's less than 12 seasons.
  3. Mack is 78-18 in his 96 conference games. Royal was 80-20-2 in conference play during his first 150 overall contests.
  4. Mack's teams have scored 1.98 points for every point allowed. Royal's had scored 2.15 for every one allowed.
  5. Mack is 65-6 at home, 44-9 on the road, and 15-11 in neutral site games.
  6. Mack is 6-6 against Oklahoma and 8-3 against Texas A&M. Royal, at the 150 game mark, was 12-3 against Oklahoma and 14-1 against Texas A&M.