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No Excuses

Looks like Bob Stoops is feeling the heat.

On if the offensive coaching staff should be off limits to criticism because of their success in 2008:

"We're never off limits. Shoot, we all know that. So no, in the end, we'll all be criticized. You're only as good as your last game. that's how it goes. All of us in this profession are very aware of that. In the end, they've had a lot to juggle through the year. Defensively, we've had one injury. All the other ones have been to the offense. So they've had a lot to juggle, and certain parts of the year, they've managed it well, other times we haven't. I think as much of anything, some of the discipline issues when you look at penalties, to me, are issues with our players that need to make improvement there."

On the perception that when things go wrong, the players are blamed:

"Here's the problem with that: don't ask us questions, then. You want to ask me what went wrong, I'm supposed to say, 'Well, everything's our fault?' Then I can't answer the question if you want me to answer it truthfully. You know, if a guy can't go when (the snap count) is on 1, what am I to do? There are some things that are our fault, always. And there are some things that players gotta handle, too. Something you prepare for all week and you don't handle it, well, who's fault is that? And it's always gonna be both of us.

"So don't ask a question if you don't want the right answer. And don't go criticizing if we give you the right answer and it is on them. As you said, you're fair, criticize us. Because ultimately, we've got to get 'em to do it right. In the end, it's always the two of you. End of story, and it'll be that way — it'll be that way until they quit playing football."