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Zombie Coaches

No, not coaches like Chizik, that will devour your brain, but rather coaches that are like "zombie banks", that are dead (their schools want to fire them), but still moving (because their schools lack the buyout money to do so). I think that this is a new phenomena, because buyouts got so large in recent years.

I think Dan Hawkins is a zombie coach. He and CU both know it's not going to work out. It would be best for both if they fired him, paid him off, and they went on their ways. Unfortunately, CU does not have the millions needed for his buyout, and in these tough economic times are not likely to find it. That's why Hawkins is very likely to be the Buffs' coach next year, even though everybody knows it's a bad idea.

Are there others? Mike Sherman would be one, if he hadn't beaten Tech so badly, and wasn't on track for a bowl invite. He did and he is, though, and so is very much alive.

Is Ron Zook a zombie coach? Rich Rodriguez isn't- Michigan has the money to fire his ass if they want to. Same with Weis- if ND decides they want to move on, the money won't stop them from making the move.

Any others? I've made a list of coaches who don't seem to be working out, with large buyouts, and at financially strapped programs, along with the buyout amount (as near as I can determine).

Zook - Illiniois ($7.5 million)!
Friedgen - Maryland ($4.5 million)
Hawkins - Colorado ($3 million)
Kragthorpe - Louisville ($2.2 million)