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September 18, 2010 at Texas Tech

So Texas Tech released their 2010 football schedule yesterday, and typically no one cares outside of the American Legion post in Lamesa. But then there was this:

One of the highest viewer-rated games in ABC history, the 2008 home game against Texas is continuing to pay dividends. The game was moved ahead in the schedule this season to provide the network an attractive early-season Big 12 game, and the same has been done in 2010. The Red Raiders' annual rivalry with the Longhorns will kick off on either ABC or ESPN on Sept. 18 at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Smart move by the networks. Better to catch Tech when they’re undefeated than later in the season when they’ve regressed to their 5-3 mean.


Texas already has a home game scheduled against UCLA on that date, and when this was mentioned to Mack Brown at his press conference yesterday he seemed to believe that the Tech game hadn’t been finalized.

From Mack's site:

"What I have been told is that they’re looking at the change next year, but it has not been finalized from our standpoint at all."

What you’ve been told? You’re the head coach. Tech must believe it to be so because they just released it officially. And they’re a first class athletic department. Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

Brown probably owes his job to UCLA, but we need to keep them on the schedule because we owe those guys. Big.