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Big 12 South NFL Draft Grades

Lance Zierlein of the the Houston Chronicle has talked with four (that's more than three!) different NFL scouts to get their opinions on draftable players in the Big 12 South. Houstonians (Houstonauts?) have strong opinions on their local sportswriters so I don't know if they think Zierlein is a total douche like any writer at Barking Carnival, or if he is a solid guy. I have no reason to doubt that he talked to scouts that he says he did.


Sergio Kindle, OLB/DE, UT - 1st Round
Scout's Take: "He didn't play as consistently this year as I expected, but he's got great NFL attributes and I would love for us to get our hands on him."

I mock their take on his lack of consistency, but it's like Charlie Wilson said when it came to choosing secretaries. "You can teach 'em to type. You can't teach 'em to grow tits." Kindle is not a great pass rusher, but those skills can be taught. What you can't teach is 265 pounds running a 4.5 with a non-stop motor. And he's a football player.

Colt McCoy, QB, UT - 2nd/3rd Round

This is not surprising. The NFL always values certain physical attributes that McCoy doesn't have, but it will be better for his development to be picked by a team that runs the right system and doesn't need him to take snaps for a couple of years.

Earl Thomas, FS, UT - 2nd Round
Scout's Take: "I love this Thomas kid. I know he probably won't come out, but he's got terrific range, great instincts and he's not afraid to stick his nose in there. He's a much better football player than the Mays kid at USC."

The word is out on Thomas.

Jordan Shipley, WR, UT - 3rd/4th
Scout's Take: "He has really helped him draft stock this year. He won't be a fit for us, but I trust him as a draft pick more than Brandon LaFell who will be drafted in the 1st round."

That's racist! He's a slot guy at the next level so let's compare him to Brandon Stokley.


Jermaine Gresham, TE, OU - 1st Round


Jeremy Beal, DE, OU - 4th/5th Round

I thought he'd be a bit higher, but he's going to seriously consider coming out. Rats. Sinking ship.

Sam Bradford, QB, OU - 1st Round (3 scouts with a 1st grade and one with a 3rd)
Scout's Take: "Everyone else may give him a 1st, but I've got a 3rd on him. I think his arm is just okay and I have a problem with how he handles pressure. If you get in his face, I suspect he would be exposed a little bit."

Bob Stoops must have that dissenting scout on speed dial.

Gerald McCoy, DT, OU - High 1st Round


Trent Williams, OT, OU - 1st Round
Scout's Take: "Williams is a top 10 talent but he is very lazy and the film won't lie when teams really study him so he could fall to the late 1st."

Last year he looked like a big tight end. This year he looks like Phil Loadholt. He's fat and undisciplined, and it's going to cost him money.

DeMarco Murray, RB, OU - 4th/5th Round

Poor man's Reggie Bush who is made of glass.

Oklahoma State

Russell Okung, LT, OSU - 1st Round

Not as impressed with him this year as I was last year.

Dez Bryant, WR, OSU - Top 10
Scout's Take: "Bryant is a better pro prospect than Crabtree in my opinion because he's faster and I think he'll get off press coverage in the pros better than Crabtree. He can run. He will run in the low 4.4s or maybe faster. Crabtree was a 4.5 guy."

Only familial representation can derail him.

Thoughts from the galeria de cacahuete?