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Jeff Fisher’s Press Conference

Good afternoon. We’re obviously pleased with the win. We have a lot of work to do but we felt like we had a good game plan this week, good scheme, we had a good week of practice.

They tried to do some things to limit our effectiveness in a few areas and we were able to overcome that, so the players are buying in, doing the little things we need to do to win games. Stringing three wins together at this point in our season is very positive for our football team. I thought we ran the ball well. We limited mistakes. We had converted, run back really, some key turnovers into points, so that was very positive. I’ll be happy to take questions.

Can you talk about the change in the team and what’s happened to bring it about? Winning three straight after going 0-6? What’s changed?

I can’t think of any big changes. Nothing really. We have some people back, like Cortland [Finnegan], that’s probably the biggest difference that helps us do some things in the secondary; so we’re more flexible back there. We have some key guys on defense who were injured that are healthy. That’s really all I can think of.

Having those players to start the season before losing 6 straight makes it seems like something else has changed- what’s different about the team the last three games?

Nothing. We’re doing the same things. We haven’t changed anything. We’re just executing better, taking care of assignments.

Do you think having Vince Young start has helped the team rebound? It seems to have sparked something. Bironas is nailing field goals again. Justin Gage is making circus catches. The running game has exploded with him in the backfield as a run threat.

I don’t really think you can pin it down to one thing, really. I don’t think you can say that. Maybe Gage is wearing lighter socks? Those little quarter sock things, like the gays wear. Did you think of that? Maybe the first 6 weeks of the season C.J. [Chris Johnson] had testicular cancer, and it’s just now resolving. Maybe Bironas was a body double. Things like that happen. There might be a lot of things behind this. You guys don’t know everything. I think really it’s hard to say.

You have to admit the trend favors the change at QB. After the public way ownership called for the change, now it seems to be the turning point of the season. You’re converting key third downs and have only one interception in three games, the whole offense seems to have found its stride. You have to think there is a correlation there.

Again, it’s tough to say. From my standpoint we’re the same team we were the first half of the season. We haven’t really changed anything. I don’t see a correlation there like you’re implying. People want to credit having a dynamic playmaker at QB with a history of winning football games, that’s OK, for me it’s hard to say that’s been the difference.

So you really don’t see anything different the last few weeks worth mentioning?

Preparation maybe, I think it might be a little better. My preparation has been better.

How so?

Different mustache oil. Great stuff. Smells like Hai Karate. Let’s see… I’ve been playing Kool Moe Dee albums in my car. Just the one album, I only have one. But it’s good. What What!? Ha ha. Good album. Oh and I bought a ferret. Little things like that. I really think it’s helped with the mental side. Preparation wise and all.

Thank you coach for your candid assessment of the situation.

Thank you.