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Darius White to Visit UT This Weekend?!?

Gerry Hamilton is a wizard. In case you hadn't heard, the guy is at ESPN now and he is breaking actual news, compared to some of the other drivel and innuendo being released by unrelated parties. I found the story on ESPN somewhere, but I know the guys at are running with it, as they're also part of the ESPN family.

White's visit is huge and means there's been a turnaround in his recruitment. While Texas seemed like the odds on favorite for the commitment early on in his recruitment, things had clearly soured over the course of the spring and summer. I'd heard his mother had recently remarried and the stepdad was a bit of a wild card in the recruitment, given that no one knew who he liked or how big of a role he'd play. I am still not sure there is clarity there, but it obviously isn't serving to UT's detriment at the present.

White is a big time WR and would be a huge addition to this class, especially given the buzz on potential departures from current WRs on the roster.

On a separate note, this update is far more concrete and worthwhile as "news" in the football and recruiting space than what we've seen elsewhere. It is not quite the hard hitting work of conjuring the notion that a commitment elsewhere may mysteriously appear this weekend for a visit, with no actual names being named, or announcing Cobi Hamilton's commitment to UT on a weekend in which he was actually visiting Oklahoma State. But it is good work, nonetheless. And good, fun, surprising news for us.

A close out with Jeffcoat, Hicks, and White, plus a mystery guy somewhere or not, on top of Cobbs, and this would be the top class and a standout finish. Hell, give me any of the 3 and I'd be really excited about this haul, which is terrific already.