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Kansas Jayhawks Football Players Meet with AD — Without Mark Mangino

Seems there is a little unrest up in Kansas as the Jayhawks get ready to visit Austin.

Some of the players met with the Athletics Director Monday night, and they didn't invite Head Coach Mark Mangino to tag along.

KU Athletics Director Lew Perkins has issued a release, stating:

I can confirm an internal review is under way. It involves a personnel matter, and as a result, is confidential. It would be inappropriate for me to provide further information right now.

Mangino held his weekly press conference today, saying he wouldn't talk about the meeting, but then said he still had the players support.

"I haven't lost the team one bit. I may have lost some people around here, but it's not players," Mangino said. "Take that for what it's worth, you decipher it."

The paper reported that a player and "others with ties to the football program," had asked for a meeting.

Mangino confirmed he had a 10-15 minute meeting with Perkins after the athletic director met with players. He was not at the meeting with Perkins and the players.

"If you want to know what was said, I'm not disclosing it. He's the one who's disclosing information about it, I'm not," Mangino said.

Earlier this year, Perkins had to deal with a minor turf war between some football and basketball players.

Hopefully, one of the Kings of Oread will show up to 'splain this.