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Tre Newton to start against AM

Mack just finished his press conference. In week 11 of the Texas RB carousel, the lucky pony also happens to be our best RB. They got this one right. It doesn't mean you won't see Cody Johnson get every carry inside the five yard line and on 3rd and short but Newton is the guy you want between the 20's.

In our system you need a back that gets upfield quickly and can make guys miss at the second level. Check out the balance Newton showed on the 19 yd TD in the fourth quarter against Kansas to finish the run.

The one knock on Newton has been ball protection and you know the coaches will be drilling that into his head all week. Weird shit can happen at Kyle Field and stupid turnovers are really the only thing that can derail our express trip to Pasadena via Dallas.

If we take care of the football, execute at least the bare minimum on offense, and sustain the same level of play from our top-ranked defense; we are playing for all the marbles Jan 7th. Hopefully Muschamp has a stern talk with Giles regarding our kick return coverage and that issue resolves itself quickly.

In the meantime, please engage in thoughtful debate with the Aggies on why the 10 yr anniversary of the bonfire collapse and Colt McCoy's injury history give them the upper leg on Thursday.