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Big 12 All-Conference Honors: Texas Robbed

So the douchebag coaches and administrators that comprise the joke of a conference that is the Big 12, decided since they couldn't wreck Texas' season, they would instead stick it to us via the all-conference team like the little vindictive bitches they are. So here's the team.

Note that an undefeated Texas squad gets 8 first and second teamers while a 7-5 Ou squad nets 11 players on the team. Huh?

The criteria for getting players on the team seems to go something like this: Roll through a conference in dominant fashion without running up scores or making a concerted effort to tea bag the collective Big 12 coaching fraternity, on your way to a possible National Title berth. No love...You get 8 players.

Get ass raped by Miami and Tech while losing to a mid-major in route to a 7-5 abortion of a season...Douchenozzles line up to add your players touting them as All-conference caliber. What a f'n joke.

Leaving Aaron Williams off the team should be grounds enough to blow off this ridiculous conference. One more thing to add to the list of reasons I suppose.