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Rich Powerful Good Looking Dude Avoids Strange

Logan Steelcock- the successful media and internet mogul with an estimated net worth of approximately a quarter of a billion dollars- was seen late Thursday night successfully avoiding strange, according to sources.

"He was in the restaurant earlier" recalls Miguel Oliva, the maitre d’ at Alain Ducasse in Midtown. "Several of his associates had left and he was alone at the bar. This blonde chick comes up and starts talking to him. Smoking hot. You shoulda seen her. She laughed a lot. Got all giggly. Put her hands on his arm a few times, you know how they do. Sweet Jesus she was hot. He bought her a drink and then paid his tab and just left. All by himself. No shit. I know because Carlos valeted his Veyron and he was alone. The guy’s a fruit. If not, what a nutjob. Some kinda headcase or something. Damndest thing I ever saw."

"Yeah, I saw Logan yesterday" confirmed a co-worker. "He was working on a networking deal with some UK contacts until pretty late. Probably left around 7 or so. I rode the elevator down with him. There were only three of us, counting the lady from accounting that jumped on at the last minute. She kept accidentally tripping into his side with her boobs. It’s funny because she doesn’t even work on our floor. Anyway, he handled it pretty well. Made a joke about it, then jumped off a floor early at the last minute to get away. Man, she has some great boobs. What were we talking about?"

Apparently Mr. Steelcock was hit on approximately 7 times yesterday by women ranging in description from ‘moderately attractive’ to ‘Daaayyuum’ according to several key sources. He also received around a dozen text messages inviting him to ‘party’ and one pair of women’s undergarments placed on his windshield with the words ‘WANT YOU’ written in some sort of personal lubricant. It appears that despite these advances, Mr. Steelcock proceeded straight home where he ate a spaghetti dinner with his wife, read a biography of Rasputin, and played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for an hour before getting completely pissed off at the snowmobile level before going to bed.

It is unclear whether Mr. Steelcock intends to randomly bang anyone tomorrow, though sources in the families domestic staff point to the recent purchase of Chinese Sex Pheromones (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) by several of the housekeepers as a sign of possible success in the near future.