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Texas-Texas AM, MNF Ratings Hits for ESPN

Texas 49-39 win over Texas A&M not only kept the Horns unbeaten season alive, it is one of the top-rated college games on ESPN this season.

The game drew a 3.7 rating and 6.7 million viewers. That was a 20% increase over last years telecast which drew 5.6 million viewers on Thanksgiving night.

This year's contest is the highest-rated Thursday night football game of the season on ESPN, but that will probably change with tonight's Rose Bowl showdown between Oregon and Oregon State.

Texas' win over A&M is the third most-viewed college game on ESPN this year, behind Miami-Florida State (8.4 million) and USC-Ohio State (10.6 million)

Obviously the game was a huge draw around the state. In Austin, the Longhorns win pulled a 27.5 rating, the best for any college game ever shown on ESPN.

In fact, the game set best ever records across the state, pulling an 11.5 rating in Dallas, 12.8 in San Antonio and 13.3 in Houston.

But it is the NFL that is still the National Pastime, and ESPN continues to garner record ratings for Monday Night Football. The New Orleans Saints 38-17 win over New England is the second-most viewed program in Cable TV history.

Drew Brees five-touchdown performance in the Saints 38-17 win over New England was watched by 21.4 million viewers.

The Brett Favre's vs. the Green Bay Packers set the record with 21.8 million viewers. In fact, just this season MNF has accounted for 4 of the top 10 audiences in cable history.