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Trail Mix

...because potpourri is only for perverts and Democrats.

Scipio's already penned great previews of our match-up with the Huskers on both sides of the ball and CTJ has blessed us with the first ever back to back mudholes. I feel safe in saying that this practice has now reached that transcendent level of tradition where it need no longer be encumbered by articles of speech. It is now simply known as Mudhole.

[Jim Gaffigan Audience Voice]Hey buddy, is that a Bonfire joke? You're a jerk![/]

jim-gaffigan-6.jpg gaffigan picture by Minnesotahorn

Is he going to do the whole post in that voice?

The Huskers enter the game with a 9-3 mark and I'll just go ahead and point out that it's right where we had them in the preseason. Damn we're good. It's a wonder anyone else even still tries anymore. They do however and speaking of everyone else our friend Hiphopopotamus from Oread Boom Kings brings to our attention this fantastic column from Jason Whitlock, excoriating most of the major sports writing world for their mock indignation and rank hypocrisy but also for their smug insistence that everyone kiss their proverbial ring. We here at BC aren't sure what's so wrong with the latter but none the less Whitlock does a wonderful job of pinpointing just what it is much of the media is truly outraged over in the Tiger Woods matter and likely burns no small number of bridges in the process. Whitlock's an interesting character in that he's often capable of truly thoughtful insight on any topic not involving the state of Texas. An old Big 8 guy, Whitlock's like that racist old uncle at the barbeque and at the slightest prompting will blame nearly any social ill on the nefarious cabal of the Bilderberg Group, international Jewry, and Belmont Hall. No matter what he tells you Frank Erwin was not on the Warren Commission.

Charlie Weis and Mark Mangino are out. I don't have any new fat jokes so just pick your favorite and recite it to yourself. Notre Dame looked to Bob Stoops to fill the vacancy and he was all over it until he received their offer of 17 dollars an hour and an Applebees expense account. Yes we'd like you to accept less money for a job with tougher recruiting restrictions and academics. And we'd like you to start this afternoon thanks. Greatness but I chafe at the notion that only Notre Dame is capable of such monumental hubris. Heck, we were pulling this trick twenty years ago with John Cooper. In any case there are rumors out there the Notre Dame may still be trying to sweeten the deal. I'm picturing a half used Entertainment coupon book.

On the hardwood we continue to crank out workmanlike twenty point victories without a clue yet as to our identity but I can't manage to get too worked up over it at this point, mostly because anything that drives Trips Right crazy is probably good for America.

In any case, to bring it back to the game tomorrow, all indications are that we should feel pretty confidant. We go into the game with mostly favorable match-ups and we're relatively healthy with the only guys limited being Aaron Williams and Jordan Shipley.

JohnnyFive.jpg JFive picture by Minnesotahorn

Wait, what?

Yeah, apparently it's a we're-not-quite-sure-how-serious case of turf toe. He's going to start but if he comes out during the course of the game our chances of victory slip to slightly above average. Oh well. Nothing to do at this point but light a candle to Freddie Steinmark. Defensively we obviously need AJ on the field as much as possible as the combination of Gideon and Brewster leads to the predictable results of late help coming from over the top, missed tackles and violent masturbation from ClosetoJumping. And nobody wants that.