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Recruiting Roundup: December 2009

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We've narrowed our targets substantially on what should prove to be a strong finish in our recruiting year and I wanted to keyboard a few ill-informed thoughts and opinions on where we stand,

what factors will be in play down the stretch, and how we close it all out.

WR Darius White just announced that he's skipping his OU visit to go to OSU. BON contributor Ghost of Big Roy considers it good news. I'm not so sure. Keeping an elite WR away from OU is always a good thing, but ultimately bringing him into our fold is better. Getting OSU involved in the recruitment of this kid isn't good. This should be a concern for Sooners and Longhorns alike as I have no doubt that OSU can pitch a pretty appealing package to Darius. They'll show him some Dez Bryant film, discuss how he'll be featured as The Man, promise him a starting gig as a freshman, possibly talk financials (you know, I'm just wildly speculating here), and offer an academic plan that involves lots of coloring books. Our coaches are said to be optimistic about getting Darius and want him badly, but I'm not as confident in our chances.

WR Mike Davis is coming in for a visit and that's good news. Or is he? The LSU sites say no. In fact, they contend that he hasn't even been in contact with Texas. Are they the last ones to know? We'll find out soon enough. I believe that he'll end up a Longhorn if he makes it in this weekend.

LB Jordan Hicks is getting a visit from Mack Brown on Wednesday before he trips to Florida this weekend. This is good. Hicks is a big-time difference maker and a Texas type of kid cut from the Acho/Aaron Williams mold. Even better news: the final players in his recruitment are Texas, Ohio State, and Florida. Florida is the team that concerns me the most and the departure of DC Charlie Strong to Louisville is a big break for us. Guess who coaches LBs for Florida? Charlie Strong. I don't believe Strong was his primary recruiter, but that's a blow nonetheless. Ohio State is the local favorite and they've made Hicks a huge priority, but the Hicks family doesn't necessarily love the Midwest.

DE Jackson Jeffcoat has a pretty straightforward situation, IMO. If there are no changes in his Dad's employment status or he goes to a place that's a geographically neutral for us, he's a Longhorn. If his Dad gets a NFL/college job at or near a place of interest to Jackson, we're in trouble. Kevin Sumlin's status also plays a role. If he were to land a job at a respectable place like Kansas, he might be able to persuade Jeffcoat senior to come and promise junior a starting gig as a freshman in a legitimate football conference. The events that will lead to Jeffcoat's ultimate decision are out of our hands.

LB Corey Nelson is mulling over reopening his recruitment and it's causing some heartburn in the Aggie community since he's the bell cow of their recruiting class. Nelson is starting to realize that committing to A&M means that he's actually going to have to play there. Maybe Shreveport doesn't quite have the glamour of Pasadena. I don't think anything actually comes of this for the Longhorns, but I suspect we won't be shy about muddying the waters in his decision making and pushing him away from College Station.

DT Eric Humphrey is a late bloomer recently on our radar. Unfortunately, we're a little late. His official visit dance card is already full and we've got to convince him to drop a suitor in order to make it work. I'm sure he will if we push enough. I have no problem taking another DT recruit since this is a position where a quality two deep can play heavy snaps and "failed" DTs often make better OL than highly recruited OL do.


How do we close out?