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Hunter, Onan and Gold

This should be a punchline to a three wise men joke or a post on Judaic mythos. It is neither, rather an apology, a thought and a theory.

I owe Hunter Lawrence an apology and so, too, might others. In this week's jones top ten, I wrote:

Hunter Lawrence hit the game-winner for the Horns from 46. It would not have been good from 47.

Today, at BON, the very fine writer, Ghost of Big Roy, described the kick:

Left just far enough, but not too far, with just enough draw to bring it back right to sneak through the left upright with only inches to spare.

BC reader RichUT pointed out to me that I was engaging in a bit of hyperbole and Lawrence's kick was easily across. He is correct. I will remember the kick, in my emotionally drained and inebriated state, as being whisker close. But it wasn't. Looking back at the replay sober, the kick might have been close to the upright, but it was not tailing away and cleared the bar by a few feet. Lawrence probably could have hit from 52-53, if that had been necessary.

On Onan...I listened with interest to an Alabama radio guy named Brett Beard from Florence earlier this week. He described Nick Saban's focus on Florida, since the final gun of last season's SEC title game loss, as something close to maniacal obsession. The claim was that Saban had game-planned for the Gators all year, even to the detriment of preparation during other game weeks. Beard quoted a stat (unconfirmed) that Saban was 14-1 lifetime in "re-match games" after a previous loss.

My question: How much of their seed has Alabama spilled, so to speak? Will it make a difference?

Final I the only one convinced that Javier Arenas scores an easy touchdown the first time Justin Tucker gets off a flat rugby punt under pressure? One of the biggest mysteries to me this season is why we don't employ a Shane Lechler punt-a-alike against dangerous return men. We have one on the roster. Gold, Jerry, pure Gold...

Thoughts and recriminations welcome.