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Things To Know About Conference Re-alignment

Dispelling some myths and misconceptions as we possibly enter a period where things may open up again...

1. Texas has not been a good conference partner.

We did not save the SWC, and we are not saving the Big 12. We have been in two conferences, and each chose (per our wishes) to not share media revenue equally (the Big 10 and SEC do share revenue...say, what are the two strongest conferences?). This can (and probably does) lead to resentment of Texas.  In the Big 10, Indiana knows that a strong Michigan helps its own bottom line.  In the Big 12, a strong Texas does nothing for Baylor.

2. There are conferences that are unified, and conferences that aren't. The unified ones are the Big 10, the SEC, and the Pac-10. These conferences will not cast aside weaker members in a re-alignment. Talk of "The Big 10 should dump Indiana and Iowa, and take Texas, Nebraska, and OU" is nonsense. Indiana is a partner of the other 10 schools, and has been so for 90+ years. They are going nowhere.  Also, the old Big 8 schools are not going to turn on KSU or ISU.  They have been partners for many decades, and have reached an understanding...the "big 'uns" (OU, NU) carry the "little 'uns" along, and the "little 'uns" take their beatings.

3. Arkansas is not leaving the SEC for the Big 12. That would be like jumping from CFO of Acura to GM of Saturn. Sure, the title is better, and you might make more money in the short term, but you will be looking for a new home in 4 years, and you know it.

4. There are no good replacement schools in the mid-majors. None bring extra TV sets to a contract. If Missouri or Nebraska go to the Big 10, the Big 12 will die. Add TCU? It gives us nothing to improve the TV contracts. As soon as one team leaves the Big 12, UT, OU, and TAMU start actively looking for new homes.

5. What can the Big 12 do to strengthen itself? Maybe (and this is a huge switch for me) ... share TV revenue equally? I wonder if Texas should propose that anyway...if the Big 12 stays together, it will make the conference stronger.  If it doesn't, it will demonstrate that we can be good partners.  Besides, it's not like we need the money.