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DJ Monroe Christian Scott Eligible for Title Game

Mack has reported it at his press conference. Halliburton is there, so if you need a "source", it isn't up on TexasSports yet, but it's up at her Twitter: @suzhalliburton and Inside Texas is also there and reporting it.

This is good news for us. Scott can help out on Special Teams after practicing with the team all year. It would be idiocy not to have him unleashed on coverage teams. He was great there last year and we need the help.

Monroe clearly lied about staying in for curfew to the staff, so who knows how pissed they are at the guy. I hope he is back on kickoffs with Goodwin, but I am not sanguine on Brown enabling that to happen. I have even less hope that he'll be incorporated into the offensive gameplan, but wish on that if you will.

The outlets are also reporting that Collins is eligible, but won't play. He's redshirting, but that's good for us next season.