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Texas Longhorns Baseball Preseason #1

According to Collegiate Baseball.

No surprise. I picked them to win it all this year after last year's CWS, and they'll have the best pitching staff in college baseball on which to rely.

It's probably the best staff that Augie Garrido has had at Texas, and overall it's probably the best staff at Texas since the mid '80s. At least three potential Friday starters.

"We start with pitching, and we go at least eight deep with the staff this year," said Garrido. "We have five pitchers who threw a substantial number of innings last season, including Cole Green, Chance Ruffin, Brandon Workman, Taylor Jungmann and Austin Dicharry. Plus, we have some very talented newcomers who have been impressive."

Russell Moldenauer regained his swing at the CWS last year, and in two preseason games in October he hit three home runs. So he's back in a big fucking way. He took some shit from people as he battled through injuries last year, but the Angels thought he was the best hitter in Texas when they drafted him out of high school. Newcomer Jonathan Walsh is supposed to be the real deal as well, and he might end up as the starting first baseman.

The Longhorns begin play February 19 vs New Mexico at The Disch.

Oh, and...

Garrido said that his offense again will be triggered by the bunt.

Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!