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Bowl Preview 8: Meineke Car Care Bowl

From Trips Rights' latest bowl game preview:

The 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl, for one year anyway, should be renamed Former Dallas Cowboy Defensive Coordinator sponsored by Baby Dolls Bowl.

The only thing that would give this game less imagination and innovation would be if Dave Campo and Chan Gailey were doing play calling. Both of these coaching asshats should be forced to wear scarlet letter styled fedoras as penance for their part in the rape and pillage of pre-1990's Dallas Cowboy fan. But I digress.

The game itself actually rates to be a battle of strengths as Pitt will bring in a pretty explosive offense trying to move the ball against a filthy UNC stop unit. Psychology rears its ugly head for Pitt, because in the last two ballgames they've played Sacrificial Mayan to Inca Warrior heart ripper losing a soul stealing rivalry game to West Virginia, and then blowing a BCS birth by Houston Oilering a huge lead vs. Cincy. It will take a galactically impressive coaching job to get the Panther kids up for this one. You'd need a motivational witch on par with Knute Rockne or General George Patton. Instead, the Fighting Tony Dorsetts will have to settle for Dave Wannstache.


To see the rest of Trips' preview, head over to Fading Las Vegas. Trips is currently riding a 6-1 bowl record.