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Sh*t just got real for Southern Cal

Reggie Bush got free shit at USC. His parents got free shit while he was at USC. Everyone knows they did.

Everyone except the NCAA. Now the NCAA can't subpoena anybody because they lack the power. I'm cool with that. But they can use info that someone else obtains from a civil lawsuit against Bush.

Someone like Lloyd Lake, the dude suing Bush. Lloyd's business partner settled his lawsuit out of court and also signed a confidentiality agreement. Bush's lawyers said that because they were partners, that agreement applied to Lake as well.

A California state appellate court disagreed. So Lake's attorney, Brian Watkins, says he will arrange depositions for Bush, his parents and Pete Carroll posthaste.

"This will play out in open court for the public to see," Watkins said.


Lake is the guy who allowed Bush's parents to live in a house rent free and also gave Bush the money to purchase a '96 Chevrolet Impala. Not sure why he wanted a vehicle that someone else had already owned. Maybe it had a big trunk or something.


Hopefully Bush will answer that question as well.