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Overheard on the Longhorn Interwebs

Not to steal any of HenryJames thunder, but there are some exciting things going on in recruiting for the good guys as we get closer and closer to national signing day.

  Keep in mind this is an amalgamation of different sources from pay sites, free sites, other team sites, and 2:30 am drunk texting from Vasherized.  "Hey fucker, just got done polishing off some left over kalamata olive tapenade and choked down a few canapes.  They were just horrid.   Did you hear that Jackson Jeffcoat was sporting a burnt orange Izod polo with some white sperry topsiders?  What a beast.  Sounds like a good kid, too.  Out."

But popped collars aside, it does indeed sound like this recruiting class is really coming together and should finish with a bang.  Rumor has it that Darius White and Jordan Hicks are hitting it off with all of the Texas commits, 5 or 6 of them I think, at the Under Armor all-America game functions.  So much so that the big bang could be that these two five star recruits are going to choose the Longhorns and may even make their official announcement this Saturday. That's the rumor.

As for the aforementioned Jeffcoat, the rumblings are that Texas is still a comfortable leader as long as everything remains quiet on the UH coaching front due to Papa Jeffcoat.  If Sumlin stays, the Horns should be good to go. I'm still of the opinion that if Coach Tolly is thinking about retirement soon, why not reach out to Jim Jeffcoat as a possible future replacement. The man can coach, he's a high character guy, and he'll add some recruiting pop to the staff.

So, add these 3 five stars to what amounts to a top 5 class already, and this goes down as the best class Mack Brown has ever signed.  Even better than the Vince Young 2002 class. In addition to these three, it is also worth mentioning that we have some absolute war daddies already in the fold. In talking to folks that I respect on the matter, word is that Ashton Dorsey may be the best of the bunch and the best defensive tackle Mack Brown has ever recruited.   He's a better player than the other highly touted DT committed to Texas Taylor Bible.  I talked some folks I know at Klein Collins and they said he was just unblockable, and Klein Collins has a solid Oline. Ashton also hit running back Mike Rozier, Jr. so hard that Tom Osborn lost his dentures. Allegedly.

Make no mistake, the other DT Taylor Bible is no slouch provided he can keep his waitweight in control.  Todd Wright, holla.

The other player that everyone raves about is OLB Tevin Jackson. He's the perfect edge rushing linebacker that Muschamp covets.

And of course, there's always Reggie Wilson a pass rushing defensive end with potential that's through the roof.

Now lets say the chips fall where want them come signing day.  Here's your future front seven as they're ranked by

Two of the nation's top 10 DT's Taylor Bible (4) Ashton Dorsey (7)
Two of the nation's top 10 DE's Jackson Jeffcoat (1) Reggie Wilson (5)
Three of the nation's top 20 LB's Jordan Hicks (1) Tevin Jackson (7) Aaron Benson (19)

With an outside chance to land the nation's third ranked OLB Corey Nelson.

Just a sick, sick class this staff is putting together. And one that should suffer much less attrition than the 2002 group.