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Under Armour all star game

Open thread!

Whenever we writers at BC are too lazy to put up any original content (we're 65% original content at this point), we just throw up an open thread. Let our mouthbreathing intelligent readership add their own thoughts. Some open threads are better than others, e.g. Trips 'Univsion Lucha Libre' open threads typically don't draw that many responses.

So we'll throw up a thread about today's high school all star game because 1) there are five Texas commits and two Texas targets and 2) it's on at 10am.

Talent acquisition is the lifeblood of any football program and pretty much any organization staffed by humans. Most Texas fans will only get to see a few highlite clips of our recruits and then extrapolate their success. Like when CloseToJumping told me with a straight face that 'Chris Whaley will be better his freshman year than Ricky was as a senior.'

National all star games give you the chance to finally see your recruits go up against players of equal or better talent. That's a better gauge than watching them play against Claude.

So keep an eye on Taylor Bible, Ashton Dorsey, Aaron Benson, Mike Davis and Adrian White. And also watch Jordan Hicks and Darius White.