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Alabama-Texas TV Ratings Winner

After Thursday night's BCS championship game between Alabama and Texas, the Longhorns have now played in the two highest-rated games in BCS Championship history.

'Bama's 37-21 win over the Horns drew over 30 million viewers to ABC's telecast last Thursday night.

The Alabama-Texas BCS Championship game is the most viewed sporting event on any network since last year's Super Bowl.

The game pulled a 17.2 final rating and 30.8 million viewers on ABC, giving that network its its highest rated Thursday night since 1995.

It is only the second BCS game to pass the 30 million viewer threshold, behind the 2006 Texas win over USC.

The Texas-USC contest remains the highest-rated BCS Championship game with over 35,600,000 viewers.

Aside from the NFL and the Olympics, the two BCS games involving Texas are the two most-viewed sporting events of any kind over the last five years.

Thursday's contest tops every single regular season NFL game during the 2009-10 season -- including Brett Favre's return to Lambeau Field (29.8 mil).

Obviously the two teams involved in the game delivered some huge numbers in regional markets.

Birmingham -- 67.4% of all television-equipped households were tuned into the game.

Nashville -- 33.4%
Knoxville -- 31.7%
Atlanta -- 29,9%

Austin -- 47.7% virtually the same percentage of TV's that were tuned in to the 2006 Texas-USC game.

San Antonio -- 37.2% compared to 36.8% in 2006
Dallas -- 31.3% compared to 34.6% in 2006
Houston -- 29.7% compared to 36.8% in 2006

The lowest-rated championship game during the BCS Era?

USC's 55-19 thrashing of OU in 2005 is the least-viewed BCS Championship game with 21.4 million viewers.