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Two Texas Technical Items (Tuberville News)

1) dedfischer has some interesting thoughts on Colt McCoy, the Big 12/SEC match ups, our O-Line, our O-Line coach, etc.

Big 12 Drops Another MNC Game

The issue runs much deeper than bad Greg Davis playcalling. I continue to scratch my head in confusion as to how the University of Texas can’t recruit an OL unit comparable to the Kansas schools. Texas didn’t whip Tech in 2004 and 2005 because of Vince Young. They rolled us because they had some asskickers on the OL. Lyle Sendlein might have got beat by Suh on the first play, but the 2nd one, he would have attempted to rip his jugular out and hand it to him versus curling in the fetal position or playing paddy cake with his shoulder pads.

It's worth a gander. The LINK

2) Teeth say Tubs is in @ Texas Tech.

If you missed ded's post about Tubs, check it too.