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US Army AA Game/Recruiting Thoughts

First, I am very thankful that, for the most part, the Texas guys don’t do the hat bullshit.

CJ Mosely was an utter embarrassment with his theatrics to open the show. Complete idiot with the wingspan of a sparrow. He makes plays, but it will be interesting to see if physical limitations matter for him in college.

Connor Wood looks great as a pass/run QB option. He doesn’t look elite at either, but is elite if you’re looking for both. I’ve heard that since last fall and it was nice to see it against better competition. I wonder how much work they’ll do on his throwing motion when he gets to campus? We could well have an embarrassment of riches at QB with him, Gilbert, and McCoy on campus together at some point. If they bring in Ash and commit him on Junior Day, damn. Not all of those guys will see it through, obviously, so here's to open competition and the best man winning.

Wood’s pass play to Powell was a damn near perfect throw and there was precisely zero credit given to the guy for making the pass. Powell did make a fine effort to pull the pass down. He looks like an athletic freak.

Reggie Wilson’s first step is terrific. He’s also tenacious. I don’t see how we aren’t going to love this guy. He was the most disruptive player in the game not named Powell. He was being doubleteamed regularly in the second half.

People have spoken well of Ahmad Dixon’s performance and I am scratching my head. He looked ok. I am amused at the predictability of his selection in where he says he’ll now go to school. His family’s religious associations have been discussed regularly during his recruitment. Apparently they worship at the Church of the Almighty Dollar. It is hard to find a school more corrupt in recruiting than Alabama, but Tennessee is giving them a run for their money. Wow.

Kyle Prater has received a lot of love during this recruiting cycle as well as on Saturday. I think he should mix in a catch every now and then to prove he’s worth it. He looked shitty, physical gifts aside.

Traylon Shead is commonly referred to as an athlete. We’ve argued about it on this site in a few of the recruiting rundowns. I still don’t see what’s not to like in his ability as a running back. He can catch, his feet are fine, and he’s got good, yet unencumbering size. I like him as a take, if not an elite talent.

Lache Seastrunk is explosive, just like his family’s bank account once he signs. He’s been a lock for USC for a while, so it will be interesting if his deal is altered with Carroll’s departure. I won’t be surprised if he does wind up at Memphis. He’s one of the easiest players to root against since  Reggie Bush or Brian Bosworth. A corrupt shittalker with size issues. Good luck staying healthy.

The West OL didn’t do much for me, and that includes Hopkins and Espinoza. How much can one deduce about an OL in an all-star game? No clue. I don’t put a whole lot of stock into it, but I do put a ton of stock into McWhorter’s growth as a sloth. If he retires and they bring someone fresh in to turn the OL around, I’ll have as much hope for these guys as anyone.

Tevin Jackson is as quick as a hiccup. Big too. We are going to like that guy. I also liked Mosely’s play a lot at LB for the West. The Whiteside guy looked fine as well.

A lot of hay was made by the talking heads about Dillon Baxter. He looked like a fine recruit, but electric he was not. I don’t get the gushing over this guy.

If there is legitimacy to him changing his commitment from USC to Florida, then, well, PANIC!!! The Florida class is sick. I am amazed at the willingness of these recruits to blindly go along with the company line that Meyer will be back by next fall. Whatever issues Urban Meyer is facing, they didn’t go away over night. How can they honestly believe that the team won’t miss a beat if Meyer doesn’t return? The Ron Zook era isn’t so long ago that a return to that level is improbable without the wizard Meyer himself.

If the USC stuff becomes official, will Texas be the only big time school not to reach out to a single one of their commitments? I'd like to hear about Texas talking to at least one, for no other reason than I am fan of recruiting and that would be entertaining.

Overall, this is the second All Star game in as many weekends in which the most talented, productive players on the field were committed to Texas and Florida. Bama comes in a distant third in this regard and 4th-last isn’t even close behind them. This is a great class coming to Texas. If Texas lands Hicks and Jeffcoat, it will be outlandish.