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Big 12 Hoops: Best in the Land

Suck it, ACC and Big East. The best hoops is being played in the Big 12 this year. Yes, I realize it's January.

Our conference is a collective 113-1 at home this year, which projects to a season total of 226-2! (Face palm, Huckleberry. Face. Palm.)

Incidentally, Lane Kiffin has promised USC boosters a similar record in football over his next 18 years at the school. That is unless Fresno State comes through with the right offer between now and next Fall.

You can thank Iowa State for marring an otherwise perfect non-conference home record with its loss to Northern Iowa on December 2. We're also piling up some nice consecutive win streaks:

The Big 12 has eight teams with home winning streaks of at least 11 games and the two longest in the nation: Kansas at 51, Missouri with 30.

Here's a look at the next five conference games for the Big 12 Contenders:

@ ISU 1/13
A&M 1/16
@KSU 1/18 (keep an eye on this one)
@UConn 1/23 (I've been dispatched with a $10K expense account for live coverage)
TTU 1/22

@NEB 1/13
TTU 1/16
BAY 1/20
@ISU 1/23
MIZ 1/25

@COL 1/16
TEX 1/18
OKST 1/23
BAY 1/26
KU 1/30

@TTU 1/13
@OU 1/16
NEB 1/23
@KU 1/25
OKST 1/30

OKST 1/16
@KU 1/20
MASS 1/23
KSU 1/16
@TEX 1/30

Texas has a tough few weeks ahead starting with the Big Monday game against K. State and a prime time game against Calhoun and the Huskies. A Pitt team we toyed with beat the Huskies on their home court but transitive math unfortunately doesn't apply in college hoops but it at least gives us some film to look at. The Huskies' 9 foot center from Mogadishu is now eligible. If we can contain Rip Hamilton we have a chance...

Any central Texans need to have their asses at the Erwin Center this Saturday at 5 p.m. to witness the first time your Texas Longhorns have ever walked onto their home court as the #1 ranked team in the land. The game is sold out but tickets should be readily available outside the drum before tipoff from some of HenryJames' neighbors.