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Big 12 Hoops Title Chase

Yes, I am starting to think about this already. Our basketball program has finally reached the point where it's all about the end and not the journey. Big 12 Title and Tournament success or bust. Our football team has been there for quite a while so we should recognize the feeling. I'll break the race down between the "contenders". Along the way, some teams may ascend to contender status (aTm, Ok St) while some may fall out (OU). I'll try to update it weekly.

The Contenders

Kansas 2-0 16-1
Kansas State 3-1 16-2
Texas 3-1 17-1
Missouri 2-1 14-4
Baylor 2-1 14-2
Oklahoma 2-2 11-7

Losable Games

Now there could be some upsets along the way but here are the games I see that are possible losses:

KU (5) - @ KSU (1/30), @ Texas (2/8), @ ATM (2/15), @ OSU (2/27), @ Mizz (3/6)

KSU (4) - @ Baylor, KU (1/30), @ OU (2/20), @ KU (3/3)

Texas (6) - @ OSU (2/1), @ OU (2/6), KU (2/8), @ Mizzou (2/17), @ ATM (2/27), @ Baylor (3/6)

Missouri (5) - @ KU (1/25), @ Baylor (2/13), Texas (2/17), @ KSU (2/27), KU (3/6)

Baylor (8) - @ KU (1/20), KSU (1/26), @ Texas (1/30), @ ATM (2/6), Mizzou (2/13), @ OSU (2/20), @ OU (2/27), Texas (3/6). Unlikely to remain on this list for long.

Oklahoma - Every game except Tech and Iowa St at home. They won't be included on this list for long either but their wins vs OSU and Mizzou get them on here for now.

Looking at it this way makes me pretty ill about Texas' chances for a regular season Big 12 title. We definitely have to take care of business at home, including the February 8th game against KU. But the other pitfall I see is that game at Mizzou on 2/17. They always seem to give us trouble (beat us the last 2 years?). I'm sure it'll be an 8pm ESPN game and be very similar to last night's game. With losses to KSU and Mizzou, it'll be hard to get the #1 seed in the Big 12 tournament. Of course, we will have the wins over MSU, Pitt, UNC (i guess that's a positive?) and hopefully @ UConn to boost our NCAA profile.

Anybody else already have Houston Regional tickets (besides me) getting concerned that they'll be watching UK or KU that weekend?