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Liveblogging Wednesday Night

Why you ask? Because it's there. We are the Sir Edmund Hillary of liveblogging. If it's on, we'll blog it. Oxygen canisters are sometimes required but thankfully HenryJames doesn't have cable.

Criminal Minds? Bring it, sexual deviants and criminology majors. Modern Family? Bring it, gays and aspiring TV writers. Colorado/Okie State?

Get a fucking life and turn on the Baylor/KU game.

KU's first half effort against Baylor reminded me of Texas' game at K. State. Except the Jayhawks are at home. Still, it's a familiar brand of West Mall grackle shit that Texas fans have enjoyed the flavor of for the last three games, save a few sparing moments when we actually showed some movement on offense, hit bunny layups, sank at least 1 out of 2 free throws, and kept the same lineup in for more than 36 seconds.

Meanwhile, our win against UNC isn't looking so good. The Tar Heels just lost their third straight to an underrated Wake Forest squad that dominated the whole way, winning by 13 at the Dean Dome.

The wins against Sparty and Pitt look strong, even if Pitt was missing two key players when we beat them. Nobody will remember that come seeding time in March.

Hopefully Scipio can fill us in on the new season of Ugly Betty. That's the only plausible reason we could come up with for his going off the grid. Sailor Ripley is working behind the scenes to pull the show off the air. Maybe srr50 can give us a ratings update?