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Texas Longhorns Football Recruiting Wish List

It's about that time of the year for the Texas Longhorns, after the bowl game and before Spring practice, with another top 5 recruiting class on lockdown. A class that may vault to number 1 if five star war-daddies Jordan Hicks and Jackson Jeffcoat commit to the good guys.

With Junior days right around the corner it's time to start compiling a wish list that's going to change about two dozen times over the course of the next 10 or so months. You can thank Mack Brown for turning the recruiting calendar on its ear. Remember, Jay Guy was the number 1 DT must have on virtually everyone's list last year. Currently he's in the 70's on most state lists. So give me some latitude here because I get the fact that this is just the beginning.

On Offense

Running Back I'll start with the deepest position in Texas. Luckily for Texas we've only taken 1 RB each of the last two years including 2010. But there is a chance that Whaley may move to TE and/or Traylon Shead could always move to the other side of the ball. If you're going to load up, do it this year. Give me...

Malcolm Brown: the most complete back in the class.

Brandon Williams: the back with the most buzz runs violently, a lot like Adrian Peter$on.

Joe Bergeron: Will Muschamp's pro style fullback. Beastly cat.

Wide Receiver We'll take two and call it a day after the 2010 haul Give me...

Jaxon Shipley: the bigger version of his older brother. More Ed Mcaffery than Lance Allworth.

Trey Meteyor: Sounds fast. Cosmically.

Tight End We took DariusTerrel to continue the trend of big wide recievers that grow into flex guys. I'm guessing we get a classic tight end to help with the power run game. Give me...

MJ McFarland: Big physical TE end out of El Paso, Texas. Dude's like him wake up in the morning and piss excellence.

OLine We took two interior players with Espinosa and Hopkins in 2010, so we need at least 3 tackles this class. Give me...

Sedrick Flowers: Big, lean 280 pound athlete that will be a cornerstone at left tackle. Top 30 national type player.

Christian Westerman: Kid out of Arizona should be one of the top ranked offensive tackles nationally. He really loves the Horns. Bookends anyone?

Garrett Greenlea: Huge 6-7 tackle prospect out of Klein Collins is really high on Texas.

Plus, one out of state or late blooming in state interior Lineman.

QB David Ash? He loves us, but is he the right player for our system? Why not take a flyer on a national stud and then fall back on him or another in state cat that emerges?

On Defense

Defensive tackle We can afford to take the best of the best after taking 3 true DT's in 2010 plus Jackson Jeffcoat who can spin down vs. the pass happy Big 12 attacks. As HenryJames says, give me studs...

Desmond Jackson: Quick as a hiccup for a DT out of Spring Westfield. Comical watching him get by offensive lineman before they get out of their stance at the Army all star game. Perfect one gap prospect that Muschamp covets.

Marquise Anderson: Another speedy one gap tackle that compliments the 2010 DT haul of space eaters like Bible, Dorsey, and Cotton. He loves Texas.

Defensive End Take the two best available. Give me...

Cedric Reed: 6-3 240 lb speed rusher out of Cleveland.

Nathan Hughes: 6-5 245 lb strongside defensive end out of Klein Oak. North Houston, holla. Hughes commits on the spot at junior day and word on the streets of Spring is that Muschamp loves him some Hughes.

Linebackers: We need two if Jordan Hicks moves to Austin, so I'll go with the two best available.

Steve Edmond: Dude's got Derrick Johnson type film. He can easily grow into the buck position or give you uber athleticism inside.

Anthony Wallace: When you get in a bar fight don't worry about the guy that takes off his jacket, worry about the guy that takes off his watch. Wallace is so bad he carries a pocket watch. Just a beast at inside linebacker.

One out of state stud.

Defensive Backs/Athletes I say we need at least 4 and may be 5. Give me...

Sheroid Evans: Super fast 6-1 DB that's not afraid of contact.

LeRoy Scott: 5-10 190 pound ball of hatred. He looks a lot like Earl Thomas. Hybrid safety prospect.

Desmond Roland: 6-3 200 lb dudes that can run and aren't afraid to light you up make awesome safety prospects.

Kolby Griffin: 6-0 180 cornerback out of St. Pius is a Mack Brown type kid.

Quandre Diggs: Quintin Jammer's little brother. Quandre is an athlete out of Angleton that could be Darren Sproles, Quan Cosby, or Earl Thomas. You don't pass on explosive legacies like him.

One out of state bluest of the blue type cover corner.

Overall we'll take between 22-25, and right now I'm hoping it involves these cats, but I can be persuaded.

Who do you want?