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Around the Horns

Greetings disgruntled receivers of misfit toys. This is a new feature in which I provide some morning links to the happenings in the world of Texas sports.


Barnes' squad is firmly entrenched in conference play now with the last OOC game...behind us. Come Wednesday they begin the Tech series in the Drum at 7 central.

"I don't think I did a good enough job maybe talking about how when you become the No. 1 ranked team in the country, how you're going to be under attack," Barnes said.

Kentucky # 1

Interesting, wouldn't have guessed. Anyways you can get some perspective on current Tech basketball from RRR's thoughts on the OU game here as well as some Trips thoughts on potential Coach K inspired lineups here.

Since Barnes has come under the national spotlight in a negative way and the team is returning home this weekend this is your best bet for seeing any response in the form of lineup changes, different player rotations, or changing offensive philosophy.

A brief overview of Texas' weapons on offense would seem to indicate juggernaut.

Dominant post player: Dexter Pittman

Creators: Balbay, Brown, Bradley

Shooters: Bradley, Brown, Lucas, Hamilton, James

Scorers: Bradley, James, Hamilton, Johnson

Barnes failure to find a way to turn this into successful half-court offense is baffling to me given this collection of talent but like many of you I suspect Justin Mason on the perimeter with the acme brick.

If you believe that a key PG is the only way to salvation in a Rick Barnes offense you watch Myck Kabongo at the Hoophall classic and prepare your temple for his less than imminent arrival.

If the tournament was today Texas would be seeded 2nd in the West Region according to Lunardi's recent bracketology. Of note here is that the UNC win isn't considered "good" in Texas' resume. Fortunately there are a few more opportunities to build resume within a particularly strong Big 12.


Naturally with February approaching we can always anticipate recruiting...for the class of 2011. Trips details his wish list beginning with RB.

We can also detail our complaints about the offensive scheme and offer our crude suggestions for the running game
and moving the ball next year with Quarterback-Elect Garrett Gilbert. I have done so here with the suggestion of your ancient trap play adopted to the shotgun as a means of getting the chain-workers busy without necessitating the use of the forward pass.

Tim Tebow has finally led his Holy Crusade into grounds that will make the fairly liberal sports media began to hiss and claw with his anti-abortion superbowl ad that CBS is being asked to pull. We'll have to keep monitoring this one to see if his powers extend across the airwaves to deliver his messages.

This could very well be the most entertaining superbowl ad since the pot smokers=terrorists ad of 2001 which is frustratingly and conspicuously absent from youtube.

Finally, in a possibly related field we have Brickhorn's musings on Steven Seagal's new television project. Sounds hilarious.