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College Basketball Tonight

Kentucky travels to South Carolina tonight with a number 1 ranking bullseye affixed prominently on their backs. The problem is the team doing the shooting has 1, yes 1, player that would even see the floor for the Wildcats and that's 5-9 160 lb point guard Devan Downey. Downey's a nice player, but he's going to be on life support after one half of basketball chasing John Wall and Eric Bledsoe around the floor. There's a better than even chance that the Calipari makes a crude Cock reference in the post game presser so look forward to that.

Michigan State travels to Michigan in an intriguing matchup between Izzo's hard nosed m2m and John Beilen's 1-3-1 trapping zone. MSU's coming off a dramatic one point win @ Minnesota and they'll be tested tonight against a good Michigan club led by Manny Harris. Remember the Wolverines controlled Connecticut's big frontcourt with their zone and they can give the Spartans problems if they can play even on the backboards.

West Virginia travels to Depaul in a game that should be a blowout. If you like watching highly skilled ball players, you might check this game just to watch Da'Sean Butler and Devin Ebanks. Will Walker is no Rod Strickland, but he's an explosive guard for the Blue Demons.

KSUtravels to Baylor to try to rebound after an upset loss to Okie State. Baylor should give KSU's talented frontcourt all they want on the glass so the key to the game will be Tweety Carter and Lacedarius Dunn vs. Clemente and Pullen. More interesting than the matchups is the amount of letters to the editor that the Waco Tribune receives tomorrow morning claiming Frank Martin was speaking in tongues. I'll be watching for the number of ear muffed children sitting directly behind the Wildcat bench as Frank cusses another blue streak.

UNC, make that unranked UNC, travels to NC State to battle the Wolfpack to try to gain some respectability after being knocked out of the national rankings for the first time in a long while. It reminds me of what the Duke brothers, pardon the pun, did to Dan Akroyd in Trading Places by freezing his bank accounts and planting angel dust. I suppose that would make Clemson Eddie Murphy and Doris Burke Jamie Lee Curtis minus the extra chromosome.

ESPN color person, Doris Burke.

I'll also be watching Clemson vs. Boston College because Trevor Booker's wallet looks like this.


And I like watching Demontez Stitt when he doesn't have to play the Duke Blue Devils.

What games will you be watching?