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Welcoming Muschamp's reign of terror


It looks like the class is pretty well wrapped up with the additions of White, Davis, Hicks? and Jeffcoat today. You can take a look at the entire class here. Texas locked down 20 of the Statesman's Fab 55 including 10 of the top 15. Texas chooses first in this state with few exceptions, then everyone else fights over the scraps. Which of course still amounts to several "fabulous" prospects.

It looks like the program's momentum is adding up to being able to close on the late recruiting targets. It stands to reason that if you've locked up 15+ commitments before their senior years you would have more time to dedicate to the 4/5 stars that are more hesitant.

I think this has to be considered the best defensive class Brown has pulled in yet. The DBs are all guys that can turn their hips and run and have time to grow into the position under Akina's tutelage before the current starting crop move on. Cobbs is a possible exception here who looks like more of a downhill player if he ends up on defense.

The DL prospects are all guys that can attack a gap and get into the backfield with Wilson and Jeffcoat both fantastic pass-rush guys. Jeffcoat is probably more skilled now than Kindle (just not as fast on the edge) while Wilson will require some grooming. The Bible, Dorsey, Cotton group gives Texas a tremendous base to build a line to challenge the last two in terms of dominance. As Chris Applewhite once pointed out, if both DTs require a double team to be handled it's all over. I'll add that if you need to chip the Defensive end on both sides because your tackles can't stay in front of them it's all over.

The linebacking corp is filling up with guys who can run, cover, and blitz with all these traits exemplified in Hicks. Muschamp has assembled a group of guys that can grow into different positions and each have obvious value for tackling Big 12 offenses. Should Hicks choose Texas in an hour (which seems highly probably) Texas can began to build an outstanding tradition of producing top flight WLBs.

On the topic of defensive schemes, has ranked the top 5 defensive schemes for handling the offenses commonly encountered today. Muschamp seems to more or less utilize all of them except the over front with his different packages.


You can read the Trips Right post-mortem here and scroll down to add your own prophecies of doom and veiled accusations at Trips Right for overhyping the team and causing the current consternation at the 4-1 start to conference play.

The General issues the challenge of how to fit the various pieces on the team together in a coherent identity

Goingforthecorner has some interesting +/- stats on Texas vs. UCONN, and against Texas Tech.. I'm not a huge fan of +/- analysis because it doesn't take into account situational factors very well. For instance, when the Spurs would use Ginobili as a 6th man and he would create for their substitute line. Well, the Spurs probably didn't perform as well with Ginobili and the scrubs as they did with Duncan on the floor but that doesn't mean Ginobili wasn't, at his peak, one of the better shooting guards in the country. Or in this case, Matt Hill is a +11 while Damion James a -12.

That said, it's useful and interesting to see what players are on the floor when Texas is scoring more points than their opponent and goingforthecorner makes some points on the defensive play with certain lineups.