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Big Recruiting Day for Texas Longhorns

So five star prospect defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat and five star linebacker prospect Jordan Hicks will be announcing their decision on where to spend the next four or five years of their life today.

The press conferences will take place at 10 am and 11:30 am respectively.

Is it a coincidence that these two moved their press conferences to the same day within an hour and a half of one another? I think not.

Word on the street is that Jordan Hicks should be a Horn while Jackson Jeffcoat chooses Texas unless there is some back room deal going on with Daddy Jeffcoat and the Oklahoma coaching vacancy. I've talked to UH people and if there is something going on behind the scenes, Kevin Sumlin doesn't know about it.

So here's hoping we land both, which would cap off the best recruiting class Texas has had since scholarship limits.

How about this starting front 7 in two years? Five star defensive end Alex Okafor, 5 star defensive end Reggie Wilson, 5 star defensive tackle Ashton Dorsey/or high 4 star Calvin Howell, 5 star buck position Jackson Jeffcoat, 5 star inside linebacker Jordan Hicks, high 4 star outside linebacker Tevin Jackson, and high 4 star outside linebacker Aaron Benson. Filthy.

Hook 'Em with crossed fingers