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Saturday Top 10 College Hoops

Unlike last Saturday or this coming Monday, there simply aren't many intriguing matchups. Sabado Gigante thanks you Mr. NCAA Scheduler. So let's rifle through these bonafide formalities that some will call basketball games and get to the one game that matters which is Georgetown vs. Seton Hall.

Kansas hosts a reeling Nebraska club after their near miss on the road at Colorado. Interesting that narrowly avoided mid-air collisions are dubbed near misses, I mean, wouldn't they be near hits? Along those lines, Nebraska's offense is all about near hits because they've managed to score over 60 in just two ball games in conference play, one of which was at home to Kansas.

The bad news is that KU dropped 84 on them. Look for more of the same from the Hawks as they get ready to face Texas on Monday. KU will be looking to knock out the Huskers early so they can rest their starters before the Austin tilt. If Nebraska keeps the game within double digits, I fully expect Bo and Carl Pelini to put on a spittle laced tirade in Phog Allen decrying contrived built-in advantages of Dr. Naismiths' peach baskets. "Dr. Osbourne. Come here!! Come here!! Why didn't they use husks goddamnit? If they would have used the Husks we'd have won!!"

Kentucky goes to LSU for another woodshed game. Here's what the ESPN General has to say about the two programs:

"I like to think of C.M. Newton [University of Kentucky Athletic Director] as the school's director of corrections." -referring to UK's reputation for putting less-than-outstanding public citizens on the team, Herald Times October 1990.


"I was worried about losing until I looked down the floor and saw Dale Brown. Then I knew we had a chance." -commenting on a game with LSU.

The funny part is that these to statements are still pretty cogent for the respective programs today. Kentucky rolls.

Meanwhile, number 5 Michigan State travels to Champaign to take out their cheesehead induced frustrations on a mediocre Illinois club. It sucks to be Bo Ryan-ed. Seriously, playing Wisconsin's defensive juggernaut is like a married man going to a strip club with the next opponent, Illinois in this case, playing the wife. With or without Kalin Lucas, the Spartans have too much firepower for the Fighting Alumni. You could convince me that Lou Henson didn't wear a rug before you could convince me the Illini will win this game.

In other news, the ACC's big dog Duke goes to BC to try to replicate the 20 point blowout bomb they dropped on the Eagles in Durham. If Singler can build off of the 8-10 from deep he had against G Tech, then the Devils may have a chance. But always remember this about Duke, they'll go as Nolan Smith goes. When he plays well alongside Scheyer and Singler, Duke's a top 5 team. When he plays poorly and doesn't hunt his offense, Duke gets driven by a team like Georgetown.

We've talked about Texas vs. Oklahoma game here, but the most interesting top 10 game features a schizophrenic Georgetown team against a guard oriented Wildcat squad that is vying for a one seed.

This should prove to be a tough matchup for the Hoyas because the guard dominant lineup that 'Nova rolls out won't be uncomfortable in the least facing Georgetown's undersized personnel group. Which means this game will be a battle of the Hoya guards vs. the best and deepest backcourt in America. Pete Carril's open post offense is fine especially when you have McDonald's All-Americans and/or Greg Monroe as your center, but ask John Thompson III and he'll tell you that the perimeter strength on this Villanova club is a horrible matchup for his Hoyas.

Guard play from Stokes, Fisher, Reynolds, and Redding should prove to be too much for Georgetown's perimeter attack that is trying to spread out and backdoor clubs to death. The real question is will the Hoyas be able to soften up the Wildcats enough for number 8 West Virginia on Big Monday (in Morgantown, home of the debris tosing Mountain people). If the 'Cats can win these two games back to back, they'll likely grab a 1 seed. Fun Rolli Massimino vs. Pete Carril channeled cage matchup tomorrow. Funny in that they both look like Yoda.