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Texas Baseball: Team of the Decade

Texas Baseball: Team of the Decade

Baseball America chose their ‘All-2000s team’ and sent voting ballots to every Division 1 baseball coach (150 of which responded). Augie Garrido sent his votes on a cocktail napkin.

Texas was the team of the decade with 32.6% of the vote. Two national championships and two runners up in the decade. Not too shabby.

Garrido was runner up for coach of the decade to the dude from Oregon State by a single vote. You can make arguments for either. The Oregon State coach took a team that hadn’t been to the regionals in almost 20 years and won two national titles.

That’s the equivalent of Austin High winning state. Twice. With Huckleberry starting.

Kyle Russell was chosen as one of three starting outfielders, and his single season Texas home run record will not be broken for a long time, imo.

And finally Huston Street was overwhelmingly chosen as the reliever of the decade with 79.3% of the votes. It was so overwhelming that second place in the voting went to ‘Other Votes.’

The new decade of voting looks promising for Texas as well. They’re ranked number one in all four preseason baseball polls and I'm on record here.

Cool picture from Patrick Meredith