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A Couple Updates on Texas Football

Rumor on the interwebs has it that Phillip Payne has left the program.

2010 offseason attrition has begun in earnest. I'm guessing a running back is the next to leave. On to recruiting news...

Well, sort of. It seems the NCAA thinks that the Head Coach Designate Title gives Texas some schools an unfair recruiting advantage. Nice focus fellas.

While playing ball with street agents, slush funds for players via auto dealerships, and outright paying players on the left coast has tacit approval, the NCAA Legislative Council thinks head coach designates should be treated exactly the same as head coaches with respect to in-home visits.

In other words, Coach Boom only gets to visit a recruit once in-home, while other coordinators around the country get as many as they'd like. Seems fair. After all, Texas is an outlaw program, right?

Here's the NCAA's explanation:

In recent years, some football programs have begun to publicly designate an individual on its current staff to become the institution's next head football coach when the current head football coach retires.

In addition to being an assistant coach, this individual has also been given the title of "head coach in waiting." As the Division I membership has supported legislative initiatives to restrict the off-campus recruiting activities of the head football coach, this designation has provided a distinct recruiting advantage.

This proposal would eliminate that advantage by mandating that the "head coach in waiting" adhere to all legislation applicable to the head football coach.

Yes. That seems fair. Way to drop the hammer on what is clearly a wide spread problem in college football.