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Junior Day Weekend Commits

#1 Jaxon Shipley WR Brownwood - Hopefully he too gets not seriously hurt for 2 years and kicks ass for 4 years afterwards.

#2 Chet Moss LB Cedar Park - ctj's favorite recruit

#3 Taylor Doyle OL Lake Travis - Paden Kelly Deux?  Probably not.

#4 Miles Onyegbule WR Arlington High - And the white streak ends.  Future flex tight end?

#5 David Ash QB Belton - We are done at QB.  Not an important position this year but got a good one anyways.

#6 Joe Bergeron RB/FB North Mesquite - Another lock to commit coming into the weekend.  Hopefully helps us land the RBs that we target. 

#7 Josh Cochran OL Hallsville - He actually looks mean on his picture on the front page of OB.  So this means no Drango or Hutchins

#8 Desmond Jackson DT Spring Westfield - Now we're talking.  Embarassment of riches at the DT position on 2012 roster.

#9 Mykkele Thompson Ath San Antonio Stevens - Likely to play safety, looks like we chose him over Ladarius Brown.  I like this pick up.

#10 Leroy Scott CB South Houston - Best player at our top position of need.  Has Rod Babers hands but everything else is elite.

#11 MJ McFarland TE El Paso Eldorado - First real TE we've recruited in a while.  Hopefully sticks around longer than our last recruit from El Paso.

#12 Sheroid Evans S Sugar Land Dulles - Safety with great size and even better speed.  He'll be joining Marquis Goodwin on the track team. 

#13 Marcus Hutchins OL DeSoto - Another OL take that is causing consternation amongst UT fans.  We officially already gave up on taking  one of Hegerty, Flowers or Westerman. 

So far, this has been extremely predictable but I'm excited about this all-caucasian recruiting class.  We need Westerman, Leroy Scott (done) or Malcolm Brown to committ to give this class some buzz.  Let's keep it going.

Other offers supposedly out are to Malcolm Brown (RB from Cibolo Steele), Aaron Green (RB from San Antonio Madison), Anthony Wallace (LB from Dallas Skyline), Christian Westerman (OL from Phoenix), Cedric Reed (DE from Cleveland Tx), Jemauria Rasco (DE from Evangel), Sedrick Flowers (OG from North Shore), Steve Edmond (LB from Daingerfield), Marquise Anderson (DT from Cibolo Steele).

I'm not sure what offering the two RBs do for our chances on Brandon Williams or Hershel Sims but I guess Green committing any time soon is unlikely so I guess we can pull the "first one to accept offer" deal.  The others on that offer list could accept tomorrow and we'd be thrilled to call it a recruiting year.