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Durantula Descends on Dallas

The All Star game is on Sunday, and K-Smoove is taking his rightful place amongst the NBA’s elite. What should be the first of many All Star trips will take place in Dallas in a sort of homecoming to the state where Durant’s star began its shine for most of the nation.

Durant comes in second in the league in scoring, .2 points per game behind his Highness himself. He comes in having scored 25 or more points an amazing 25 consecutive games. Rarefied air where only Iverson and a guy named Michael Jordan have soared to in the past 30 years.

In his 3rd year, his stats across the board including points, shooting percentage, rebounds, assists, steals, and the dreaded +/- have continued to improve. He's the 2nd youngest player to reach 5000 points and would be the 2nd youngest player to ever average 30 points if he can get his average up a few ticks the rest of the season.

He has a chance to become the youngest NBA scoring champion ever. In short, Kevin Durant has become a legitimate force in the league and is on the cusp of super stardom as Tim Legler writes.

Of course Longhorn nation took Durant making the rest of the NBA kneeling before him as a given. We were given the pleasure of enjoying his special talent for a lone year, where he won every individual trophy that his spindly arms could carry. While we've understood his special goodness, Kevin has amazingly been under appreciated in his short NBA career.

Durant was banished to a floundering franchise, Seattle, that was looking to leave the Pacific Northwest. Durant and the Sonic franchise eventually landed in Oklahoma City where he has helped the franchise into playoff contention this year. Still being noticed in the NBA in OKC is the equivalent of being the hottest actor in North Korea.

It's been a slow burn, but Durant is now ready to announce to the world that he's ready to join the Lebrons, Kobes, and Dwaynes of the league as a NBA Superstar. It will most likely happen this weekend, in the state where basketball fans first got to know him.

Scoop Jackson with a good interview. Love the kid (no homo), he's all work and love. What's K-Smoove's upside? Alex English? George Gervin? Destined to be nothing but Lebron's foil? Redefine the small forward position? Should be a fun ride and Sunday will be a big step....