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Tiger Woods To Hold Press Conference

sort of.

Woods, who has spent his entire career carefully shaping his image while restricting personal access, has announced that he will will meet with some members of the press.

On Friday Woods will meet with "small group of friends, colleagues and close associates" as well as hand-picked media members about his past transgressions.

Woods' agent says the golfer will end his three months of silence in front of selected representatives of three wire services, as well as a small, hand-picked groups from the Golf Writers Association of America. There will only be one TV camera allowed into the conference, which will serve as a pool camera for anyone wanting a video feed.

The news conference will be held during the Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona. Accenture was the first major Woods sponsor to drop him as a spokesperson after the scandal broke.

Woods continues to lead the Forbes magazine list of Most Valuable Sports Brands for Athletes. Woods generated $105 Million last year in endorsement dollars, more than the next three athletes on the list (David Beckham, Roger Federer and Dale Earnhardt Jr) combined.

Given Wood's absolute desire for control, the best guess for his returning to the PGA Tour would be the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which will be played on his home turf in Orlando March 25-28. Again, it would offer the best possible arena to keep Woods exposure to the press at a minimum. It would also give him a chance to play in a tournament before the Masters, which is two weeks later, and which is another venue that strictly restricts access to the players.