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Mack Brown Press Conference Open Thread

Listen live here.

Barrett Matthews will play some H Back and will see some action in two back sets.

Admits the zone read didn't work great for Colt. Going to give Gilbert some different looks under center with different backfield alignments.

Tray Allen will stay at LG (for now). CTJ was going to sacrifice a fifth ward orphan if he lined up at Tackle.

Trey Graham still looking kosher at TE.

Mason Walters, DJ Grant, Nolan Brewster, and Acho Uno Ocho out for spring. Eryon Barnett and Jared Norton limited.

3 techs Howell & Higgins. Derek Johnson & Kheeston Randall at NG. Eddie Jones at Buck. Acho & Okafor DEs.

Did mack just say Brian Robison at WILL?

What else you got?