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Spring roster is out

Football is once again upon us. Today Mack Brown will hold his spring press conference and then tomorrow the first practice of the spring will take place. It seems like only yesterday we were playing...fuck that memory. But hope, in keeping with the theme, springs eternal.

And nothing fills me with hope like the release of the spring roster! Now I don't give a shit about number changes. That's mom stuff. Paper currency. I'm interested in position changes and weights. Dad stuff. Gold bullion.


Garrett Gilbert 6'4" 212
Connor Wood 6'4" 209
Case McCoy 6'2" 175

Gilbert and Wood are twins, and McCoy needs to get bigger. We've heard that before.


Chris Whaley is 6'3" 245 and will end up at tight end as the next Natrone Means because Mack Brown coached Means at North Carolina and Means and Whaley are the same size.


Nothing of interest.


What an embarrassment (of riches?). Barrett Mathews is up to 235. Dominique Jones is still listed as a TE/DE, and he might get more work as a tight end. I'm basing this on our abundance of talent at defensive end and corresponding lack of talent at tight end. Over/under on medical hardships is at 2.


Tray Allen is listed as a tackle, but CloseToJumping says that's his natural position. I think he's a guard myself. Like the coaches think Mason Walters is apparently. Paden Kelley is up to 290. Luke Poehlmann is still 265. See you in a year, Luke.


Calvin Howell 6'4" 290
Derek Johnson 6'3" 320
Kheeston Randall 6'5" 295

Now we're talking. Howell has put on the needed weight, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of shape Johnson is in right now. He can be a huge for us. Randall needs to have his breakout year.


Jared Norton is listed at 248, but there's some smoke surrounding him. Fat? Injury? Dustin Earnest and Tariq Allen might be getting more snaps than anticipated.


Aaron Williams is now listed at 6'1" 192. Damn.

You can watch Brown's press conference live today.