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Combine Saturday open thread

You can watch the combine live on the NFL Network.

Colt had an MRI on his shoulder, and everything is fine.

"Obviously, that was going to be a tough part of the weekend, because people are going to want to know how the shoulder is and how it's healing up," the University of Texas standout said. "The good thing is my shoulder is 100 percent fine. There's nothing wrong with it. We found nothing wrong with it. It's just a nerve injury, and it's just about 100 percent. It's just about ready to go."

Confirmation of what we already knew.

Sergio Kindle checked in this morning at 6'2 7/8" 250. That's lighter than he played (or was at least listed) last season. I'm guessing he's going to test very well.

Gerald McCoy came in at 6'4 1/8" 291. He will also test well.

Terrance Cody weighed 354.

LSU's Trindon Holliday ran an unofficial 4.27 40.

Maryland tackle Bruce Campbell ran a 4.78 at 6'6" 314. He also did 34 reps on the bench.

And if you Google 'NFL combine,' the very first news story that comes up is
Tim Tebow draws a crowd at NFL draft combine