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Texas 3 Pan American 2

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So our hitters went 4-29 with 13 strikeouts. Against a fucking airline?! Are you kidding me?! Meh. We still won 3-2. This is who we are. Now there will be much gnashing of teeth all season long from our fans who want us to win, uh, differently. Not going to happen. Repeat after me, ‘pitching and defense.’ Really, really good pitching and defense.

Freshman Hoby Milner got his first collegiate start, and he looked like a freshman at times. They can’t all by Taylor Jungmann, you know? He’s a gangly lefty who will get better as he fills out. And it’s not like he pitched terribly. Four and 1/3 innings, six hits and two runs (one earned). Three relievers then combined for two singles over the final 4 2/3 with Chance Ruffin pitching two perfect innings for the save. Our team ERA is 2.00.

Hitting was bad. We scored two runs off of balks and a home run by Cameron Rupp (to the opposite field). I hope Rupp has figured out that he doesn’t need to pull everything. As strong as he is, he can sit back on pitches and then drive them. The one good thing about our hitting is that both times Pan Am scored a run, we answered in our half of the inning. That's what Huckleberry refers to as 'clutch.'

Two errors on defense, but I thought one was really unfair to Jordan Etier. He made a great effort getting to the ball to even have a shot at the runner. The other error was on a pickoff attempt by Milner. But the defense came up big in the 6th when Connor Rowe threw out the potential tying run at the plate.

Now we head to Houston this weekend to play Rice, Houston and Missouri.