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Because of my formative youth watching the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University Agriculturals beating the piss out of my beloved Longhorns, I cherish the current football climate in College Station. I especially enjoy a backhanded bitch slap by Colt McCoy to the Aggie's fail soaked medulla oblongatas.

In an article about Garret Gilbert by Ivan Maisel, Colt dealt the Aggies quite a blow.

"He came in as a true freshman and backed me up," McCoy said. "They moved John Chiles to receiver, and he beat out Sherrod [Harris]. That shows his competitiveness.

"He's just football-smart. … He would watch film with me every day. We would go through the game plan together. He was always ready in case something happened. Yeah, he had five turnovers in the bowl game. That's the national championship. Had it been Texas A&M or something, it would have been a whole lot different."

For an example of futility, Colt did not turn to the Baylor Bears, the Big XII North, the Rice Owls, or even one of those silly, extra Louisiana universities with a name of a city in the title. Colt McCoy turned to the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University Agriculturals. That is funny.