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How many titles will Tubs win at Tech? It's in God's hands.

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But 2-4 is a safe bet.

"We know how to win championships," Tuberville said. "You can just imagine here the excitement when we do win … because we’re going to win a championship. We’re going to win maybe two, maybe three, maybe four. It just depends on what the good Lord wants us to have."

Texas Tech has officially cleared the way for salvation through some undefined form of championship crystal (BCS? Big 12? Greater Lubbock Charity Scramble?) behind Tuberville's new Faith-based offense. It didn't work so well at Auburn but apparently War Eagle Nation lacked the needed conviction in order to convert first downs against corrupt SEC defenses. That shouldn't be a problem in the more pious, touchdown-friendly Big 12.

It's a good thing Tech AD Gerald Myers ran that Satan worshipper Mike Leach out of town. He ritually sacrificed fourth downs, pissed on the holy sacrament that is the kicking game, and showed no remorse to the timid, weak, and blind.

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