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If A Stopwatch Clicks In The Woods...

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...does anyone hear it?

A&M pro day.

I'm not one for kicking someone when they're down, but...

Some key quotes:

Draft-eligible Aggies tried to impress scouts Wednesday in College Station.

I just want to make the NFL aware that I am also draft eligible.

As is His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Most of you are draft eligible as well. Unless you flee to Canada.

But there wasn’t a ton of attention, given that no A&M football player was invited to the recent NFL combine.

Oh. Neither was I. Is that like, a call, a letter, what? Because my Verizon has been f'ed up.

There were representatives from nine teams on hand to watch 17 Aggies run, jump and go through other agility drills.

First of all, if the Aggies are just randomly running and jumping, I'm starting to see the disconnect. The NFL demands discipline. They're not drafting kittens.

To hell with your joi de vivre!

Second, is it credible to count the GM from the Toronto Argonauts and a confused scout from Tottenham Hotspur among the nine present?

Thirdly, there are 30 teams in the NFL.

Nine showed.

So, math.

So, holy %%^%@#%^.

I now provide this thread as a therapeutic safe haven for any Aggie readers that wish to rail against Dennis Franchione's recruiting.