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Top 10 Defensive Lapses

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I started this with just under 8 minutes to go in the game. Otherwise this would have been a list of 50.

1.Ladarius Dunn backdoor on Mason at 7:50 in the 2nd Half.
"See Man"

2. Run-out Tweety Carter at 7:10 of 2nd Half. "Get Back MFER and stop the ball"

3. Backdoor Ladarius Dunn at 6:24 of 2nd Half on Mason. Basket good, foul on Mason to boot. Maybe "see your man, especially since you are guarding Dunn"

4. Pull up Dunn 4:50 mark. Good for 3. "Stop ball"

5. Udoh up and under with 4:22. Bucket good and foul on James. "Deny the post entry"

6. Damion James breaks Alexi’s hand at 2:43 after fouling out. This might help Wangs catch the ball better.

7. Iso on Dex’s gambling ass at 2:10. Bucket good for Udoh. 3 point play. "Stay on your feet Dex"

8. Somehow Brown is Iso’d on Udoh. Easy bucket at 1:50. "Nice help Hamilton"

9. Brown Iso’d on Acie with 1:00. Barnes trying to embarrass J’Covan. "Nice help again from Hamilton. Good effort pal."

10. Well that was about 80 percent of Baylor’s possessions in the last 8 minutes where we had basic fundamental lapses. You can’t beat good teams with this crap and that’s what it is. I won’t even get started on the offense because there is no prayer in getting that changed this year.