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Texas Basketball is Dangerous

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Or that's what they're telling Andy Katz anyway.

Well that's good to know. I'll sleep better at night knowing that for some poor 7 or 8 seed armageddon is imminent when the mighty Longhorns come to town. Then after Texas dispatches of that unworthy mid-seeded patsy there's a one seed primed to go down in the second round. It must suck to be a top seed knowing Texas is bringing the danger. It's coming. It's right around the corner.

Be afraid Kentucky. Pull the covers tightly Duke.

Texas is bringing a veritable Roman phalanx of defensive basketball to the party. Get ready to dance to the Horns' symphony of offensive basketball. Afterall, this is the same team that started the year 17 and 0, right?

"I don't think there's a team in the country that will want to play Texas," senior wing Damion James said after the Longhorns lost 86-67 to Baylor in the Big 12 quarterfinals Thursday night at the Sprint Center. "We're so talented. At one point, we were the best team in the country. We lost our focus and enthusiasm and passion, and we have to get that back."

Yes, Damion, other than Baylor, a squad on par with Alcindor's UCLA teams, there probably isn't another team that wants to play Texas. We were the best team in the nation once. For a minute.

"We're out of the Big 12 now, and we can play some other teams, teams that have never seen us play."

Damion, I love you man but there's some teams out there you've never seen play and I'm not sure you want to. Catch any of that Big East tournament? The MAAC champion can ball, bro. There's also three Aggie teams in this tournament and they are playing better ball than the Longhorns. Utah State, New Mexico State, and certainly Texas A&M are dangerous. In fact I'd bet their dangerous is more dangerous than your dangerous. Afterall, get three Aggies together in any setting and the danger factor increases exponentially.

"We are dangerous; we've proven to be dangerous," Barnes said. "I know people think we've had a disappointing season because of the expectations, but that's because of how far our program has come."

Yep, we've come a long way Rick. The Penders coached teams were just mildly dangerous. You avoided them for precautionary reasons. Like public bathrooms and travel to the Gaza Strip.

This Texas squad on the other hand is ebola virus dangerous. Grown men cry at the mere mention of our random screen offensive design. Women and children are hidden at the sight of our smothering help and recover defense. Tivo'ing Texas Longhorn games is tantamount to handling a hydrophis belcheri sea snake or coming back as Hillary Clinton's bicycle seat. Longhorn guards pack enough venom to kill a thousand men with one entry pass, their shot selection as frightening as a statist's derriere.

"Other than the first two lines in the tournament, I truly believe that in this tournament it doesn't matter," Barnes said. "If you're a 1-seed, if you win that first game, you're going to probably play a team from a power conference. The pressure then shifts to the higher-seeded team."

Yep, seeding makes no difference, much like a bout of chlamydia doesn't matter as long as you get a shot of petercillin.

Texas will find out where it gets it shot today and perhaps it'll cure what ails them because of the all powerful "pressure shifting" phenomenon.

One things for sure, the Texas Longhorns are dangerous. They're dangerous to their fans in the same way brisk sprints and cheeeseburgers are dangerous to an overweight dude prone to myocardial infarction.