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Bush Paves the Way for Henderson?

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Are we really surprised? Today, reports are swirling that Seantrel Henderson, a five star recruit, the #2 overall recruit by Rivals, and future knight of the roundtable, will finally make it official in the coming weeks and actually sign his LOI with everyone's favorite left coast juggernaut, USC. Why is this relevant? He was expected to sign there. Well, for two reasons:

1. This may be an indication of the paddy cake that the toothless and spineless NCAA will play with USC over the combined Reggie Bush/OJ Mayo investigation as Yahoo! opines. Despite, Yahoo! sports making their case for them, the NCAA may cave to banishing one of their chosen ones to Elba. It's a caste system and Shudras don't punish Brahmins (of which Texas also belongs to). The NCAA has promised to get so angry that the death penalty awaits UC-Davis directly. Those damn Aggies!

Last time you see these guys until 2020!

2. Life after Pete Carroll is going to be Roses. Look, we all may think Lane Kiffin is a douchebag, while all secretly wanting to engage in Rep. Massa type tickle fights with Mrs. Kiffin.
"Layla, darlin', won't you ease my worried mind?"

However, Lane can recruit, his Dad can coach and if the NCAA is going to operate with the force of Police Chief Wiggum, then there's nothing left to stop Kiff and Ed Orgeron from making LA the unofficial 33rd team of the NFL. USC will continue to dominate a weakened Pac10 (check Nickel's mention) and remain as ESPN's favorite fair haired Titan out West, including having a real shot at the crystal football this year.

Not a big deal, they've been doing it for a decade, but it does ensure that Texas will most likely have to be unbeaten to make it to the National Title game in coming years as ESPN will pimp any 4 loss SEC team for one spot. The good news is that any theorized Big 12/PAC 10 combined effort for a TV deal in the future won't have to deal with a blacked out LA market. Does anyone care about UCLA in football?

Oh, and Vince most likely won't be accepting any Heisman's for those that were holding out hope. He'll just have to deal with being remembered for this.....

Just love that picture!